Case Study #1: Measuring with No Control Group

Isolating the Impact of New Skills on Win-Rate at a Professional Services Firm

This client trained their entire population over a short period of time, so we did not have a "control group" of untrained people as a basis of comparison. Instead we calculated the Definite Difference™ made by the skills using Beyond ROI's proprietary Hi/Lo Comparison™ of win-rate.

Executive Summary

  • Business Goals: renew 90% of service contracts, sell additional services, develop more executive-level relationships
  • Performance Challenges: stuck in the purchasing department, selling on price not value, the competition is cheaper, poor differentiation of services
  • Improved win-rate pre/post the training (compare Graph 1 and 2)
  • 20% more deals are won by "high appliers" than "low appliers" of the skills (Graph 2)
  • 8.3% pre/post increase in win-rate for "low appliers"
  • 29.1% pre/post increase in win-rate for "high appliers"

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 2.43.58 PM.png

Graph 1: Win-Rate Before

Graph 2: Win-Rate After

Custom SmartTrac Surveys™ type web surveys were created to track both application and ability.

  • Training: a three-day consultative sales skills training program
  • Time frame: four months pre-training and three months post-training
  • Key measures: 8 skills, reinforcement activities, manager coaching, SmartTrac Surveys™ Success Stories, and requests for support


The Definite Difference™ of skill application was calculated using performance data supplied by the client in a Hi/Lo Comparison™ of win-rate.

  • Time frame: 7 months
  • Data: win/loss reports from the CRM system and composite skill application scores
  • Statistical Significance Testing: results showed “very high significance” where the critical value of a one-tailed test was T = 5.4599, p < .001