Measuring Execution and Results from Multiple Programs at a $7 Billion Communications Company


Executive Summary

  • Business Goals: increase sales, differentiate beyond price, strengthen customer relationships
  • Performance Challenges: price-driven buyers, low-level customer relationships, low-cost competitors, missed opportunities
  • Measured Results: a 3 to 1 difference in sales volume gains between participants with high vs. low application
  • 30.6% increase in sales volume for “high appliers”
  • 9.7% increase in sales volume for “low appliers”

Pre/Post Change in
Sales Volume 

The Measurement Strategy

Custom SmartTrac Surveys™ type web surveys were created to track two training programs simultaneously.

  • Training: consultative sales skills, negotiation skills, and coaching skills for managers
  • Time frame: ranged from three to five months after the training
  • Key measures: 16 skills, reinforcement activities, manager coaching, SmartTrac Surveys™ Success Stories, and requests for support


The Definite Difference made by use of the skills was calculated using performance data supplied by the client.

  • Time frame: 6 months
  • Data: monthly sales volume by individual participant and composite skill application scores
  • Population: 53 participants
  • Statistical Significance Testing: results showed “very high significance” where the critical value of T = 8.2289, p < .0005 @ 52 d.f.