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What is the Definite Difference™?
The Definite Difference™ is a new measurement approach that isolates the results produced by the training.  Today, we can quantify the pay-off of good execution-as well as the cost of poor execution.


Why look for the Definite Difference™?

You may be asked: "How can you isolate the impact of the training?  Doesn't a rising tide lift all boats?  Aren't there just too many outside influences and variables?"

Traditional measurement methods address this issue in two ways--with a control group study or a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation.  Both have serious limitations.  Reliable control groups rarely exist in the real world.  Plus, we've identified at least 10 Reasons Why you must get beyond ROI.  In short, an ROI statistic is too small to show the full impact of training, it's often too big to be believed, and it's too complex to be easily understood.

There is a better way.


How do we determine the Definite Difference™?

We use a proprietary process called the Hi/Lo Comparison™ to isolate the effects of training from most other factors, including age, experience, tenure, location, competitors, market changes, and pricing changes.  The result is a clear picture of the difference made by new skills used back on the job - usually quantified in financial terms.

With a
Hi/Lo Comparison™, the fundamental question we're answering is, "What is the difference?"

  • between managers who get involved?
  • between participants who get coached?
  • between those who adopt the new skills and those who don't?
  • between participants who use the tools and those who don't?
  • between those who use e-learning and those in the classroom?

We compare and correlate actions with outcomes to quantify the difference.  It's much more reliable than a control group of people who didn't even attend the training, or an ROI statistic full of assumptions.

Ready to see the Definite Difference™ in action?