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Over the last 10 years, Beyond ROI has been studying how behavior change can translate into business results.  Whether it is Sales Transformation, Leadership Development, or Client Services Training, we have formulated proven methodologies to answer the critical questions Learning and Development professionals are tasked to answer:  “How do we help our people perform better and drive more results for the company?”  The key to answering that question lies in three of our flagship products

When you need to identify the MONEY-MAKING SKILLS of TOP PERFORMERS, Beyond ROI applies
the LeaderView® process to:

  • Uncover the Money-Making Skills
  • Pinpoint gaps for the rest of the population
  • Provide recommendations on how to formulate
    a strategic plan that will increase effectiveness
    of the entire population

When you want to establish a SKILL BENCHMARK prior to introducing a training or coaching initiative, Beyond ROI provides you with a process to:

  • Identify the key skills that lead to success for your sellers from a pool of over 200 selling competencies
  • Survey your sellers to determine their baseline on the identified skills
  • Provide individual coaching profiles for each seller to identify their strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Use benchmark information gathered in a post-training impact measurement

When you want to GET BEYOND ANECDOTAL FEEDBACK on how people THINK training has helped, Beyond ROI conducts a PowerView® business impact study that provides:

  • Objective, quantitative evidence of which behaviors are making an impact
  • Insights into how coaching and support are helping to sustain the training intiative

When your managers are telling you that they DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO COACH, Beyond ROI's powerful MyView® Coaching Profile provides:

  • Each participant with a personalized coaching plan
  • Each manager with a tool that helps them deliver laser-focused coaching
  • Increased results as the training initiative becomes part of the team's DNA