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Measuring the Business Impact of Sales Training

The key to the value that Beyond ROI delivers lies in linking participant actions (adoption) to business outcomes (results).  But, you can’t stop there.  Once we have those indicators we dig deeper to identify the specific money-making skills of high adopters who happen to be getting the best results.  These golden nuggets of insights, if spread throughout the organization, can elevate the impact of a training initiative exponentially



Training Measurement: Challenges & Solutions

Lindsay Trumpler, Beyond ROI’s Practice Manager happily joined the group and shared a presentation, “Taking the Guesswork out of Measurement”, that covered the basic concepts of measurement including: why measurement is important, what to measure to get results, and best practices for internal measurement



Five Guiding Principles for Measuring the Impact of Training

Presented here are five guiding principles proven to be invaluable guideposts for line sales management and training functions alike.  Applying these lessons has empowered our firm to complete over 100 measurement projects every year.