Three BIG Reasons why Beyond ROI is different:

Reason #1:


Since 2006, Beyond ROI has designed and implemented thousands of assessments and measurements with Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Cisco, IBM, HP, and Accenture.  Beyond ROI knows how to provide clear evidence of results and overcome the skepticism that training impact can’t be measured.

Reason #2:

Fresh Approach

Providing Training ROI is a rigorous process.  It can be complex and time consuming if attempted internally.  Beyond ROI stays focused on measurement principles that produce credible and meaningful insights.  We don’t want to just give you a look BACK to prove you have made a wise investment.  We want you to have that AND a prescription on how to get even MORE!


Reason #3:

Proven Results

Beyond ROI’s measurement results shine brightest under the scrutiny of the C-Suite.  There is a good reason for this!  The key to the value that we deliver lies in the unique approach that we take in linking the participants’ adoption of key skills and behaviors to business outcomes. Our proprietary approach has helped many skeptics to become believers that you can deliver an ROI for Training investments.